PATHOS-WEB is a software package which enables reliable recording, coding (SNOMED & ICD) and reporting of pathological data. Fast and accurate search capabilities are its core competency. It is possible to export data or search results to popular MS Office applications such as Word and Excel or into statistics and analysis tools like SPSS. Another handy feature of PATHOS-WEB is its ability to keep track of accounting; if you enter the CPT or any other procedural code and price into the system. The security of data is enhanced by daily or weekly back-ups. All the processes of the software is explained in the system manual in detail.

    PATHOS-WEB is a 32 bit client-server application developed by the latest development tools (MS Visual Basic SP4) running on any Microsoft Windows environment (XP/2000/ME/98/95 or NT). The database management system (DBMS) is MS Jet 4.0, yet any other ODBC or ADO compliant relational or Object Oriented DBMS may be used (Preferably MS SQL Server). This flexible feature allows seamless integration with Hospital Information Systems.

PATHOS-WEB, consists of 4 major sections as you can see above: Data Entry/Update, Search, System Tools and Accounting.


General patient demographics and other clinical info entry is done in this section. A biopsy number is used as a primary key in the database structure which consists of a single letter code indicating type (i.e. biopsy or cytology) followed by 5 digit number and a two-digit number for the year. Interface is optimized for easy data entry and free of unnecessary details. The smiley beside the "Imaging" button indicates presence of digital images associated with this record. In "Notes" section special info about patient which is not supposed to be printed on the final report may be stored.

Gross examination of material (Macroscopic findings) and microscopic findings are entered in this editor. Sex-driven color coded biopsy number and patient name info at the bottom part helps pathologist not to get disoriented with the current record. Previously recorded report templates may be pasted in this area which add great speed to data entry process. "Print Preview" enables typist to get an overall idea about the layout of the final report before printing it. Up to 10 hot-keys may be assigned for mostly used phrases in this section.

Before printing the report, the signing names are selected with this form. The checkboxes may be used for printing of header and footer and different language captions for the final report. The preset default copy number may be adjusted for each individual user. Also printer settings may be done without leaving the program. Automatically up to 2 doctors may be selected as default if previously configured in the SYSTEM TOOLS.


The thumbnails from an image source (i.e. digital camera or scanner) are displayed. You may store gross and microscopic images or any other image. Because the images are highly compressed (jpeg/tiff), they may readily be shared with other institutions via Internet or dial-up. Telepathology and Teleconsultation is possible because images are not saved in a specific proprietary format but with a widely accepted standard. On clicking of thumbnails, they are enlarged to original size. It is also possible to make it fit to screen or even zoom to a selection rectangle.
Together with the image, but in another layer, drawings, and notes (Annotations) may be created. It is possible to display and hide these layers. Because they are kept on a separate layer, the consistency and information content of the images remain intact. (Capture from Turkish version)


CODING (SNOMED Pathology Microglossary & ICD-9 CM)

PATHOS-WEB is capable of coding medical data not only in Diagnosis field but also in other relevant fields such as Source of Material, Accession, Macroscopic/microscopic findings and Notes. Once the phrases are separated by natural language conjunctures (comma, period, colon, semicolon or new line) they are automatically parsed and coded. A strong feature called "Single-Button Coding" enables coder to do the task really just by a single click of mouse! (Capture from Turkish version)
Besides automatic parsing and coding, manual parsing is also possible and is extremely useful in free text fields where data is not structured. In Turkey, with agreement with editor of Turkish SNOMED-Pathology Microglossary (Bülent Celasun, MD), electronic version is integrated with PATHOS-WEB. It is possible to use English version on agreement with College of American Pathologists (CAP). SNOMED contains ICD-9CM and ICD-O codes mapped into SNOMED terms in the database. (Capture from Turkish version)



Basic Search is possible by using Surname and/or Name or SSN feature will be added to English version. It is also possible to search a certain date or interval. By clicking the header of a column (Headclick event) records may be resorted in that order.
Basic Search is possible by using Surname and/or Name or SSN feature will be added to English version. It is also possible to search a certain date or interval. By clicking the header of a column (Headclick event) records may be resorted in that order.

PATHOS-WEB's capabilities are only limited with user's imagination in Advanced Search part. Any 5 fields from database may be selected, then operator and value is assigned and then further combined with boolean operators. In this example all Male patients older than 50 having Adenocarcinoma diagnosis and Biopsy accession type who are general workers in social context will be queried. (Capture from Turkish version)



In this section parameters for customization for each institution is done. Here is some of them: Names and titles of pathologists signing the report and their status (active or inactive), default signatures, CPT or any other procedural codes and pricing, referring departments may be set. A very important feature of PATHOS-WEB is its ability to switch any terminal/client to server mode in case of server malfunction therefore preventing halting of reporting process which can be really problematic to most institutions. Neccesary database maintenance tasks and other system operations are all easily performed in this section. This enables users to minimize their down-time and dependance on IT technicians. (Capture from Turkish version)
Report templates may be quickly created and edited with user friendly and easy editor for use in free text areas. This adds great speed to typist and minimizes type errors. (Capture from Turkish version)



Reports may be generated for certain dates or intervals. The choices are numerous for selection: Procedure Type (Biopsy, Cytology or Frozen Section and etc.), Referring Institution, and Social Security Type. These reports may be printed, exported to other formats or sent via fax or e-mail. By selecting the "Detail" button, a detailed report will be prepared including each procedure and pricing and their totals. All different procedure types and their number will also be provided in the detailed report. (Capture from Turkish version)
A basic report is displayed on the left side. (Capture from Turkish version)


    PATHOS-WEB is developed by Koray Atalağ, MD,PhD candidate on Information Systems since 1995 with contributions from many distinguished Turkish pathologists - mainly Yücel GÜNGEN, MD, Professor of Pathology at Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine. Over 25 major pathology institutions - academic and private - are successfully using our software for many years without any single day of downtime! Approximately 2 million records are being stored in all of them, the greatest with 400,000+ records.

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